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Interesting Links I Found on May, 2020


πŸ“  Building a Memex - Andrew Louis
Awesome project! I think the name is hilarious because it sounds like Indonesian slang word for vagina.

🌳 stagit - codemadness
I like Luke Smith’s git site and emailed him asking how it’s made.
He said it is stagit, and he mentioned list of other awesome suckless tools.


🎭 A More Privacy Friendly Blog - Vincent Bernat

πŸ—£ Metaphors in man pages - Julia Evans
Linguistic fascinates me. This post points out the often used metaphors in programming area. Nicely written too.


πŸ“ FSNotes Mac & iOS App
I used nvALT for Zettelkasten, FSNotes.app brings nvALT goodness and make it more stable, more pleasant UI and iOS app.

πŸ”’ Bitwarden
Ever since Indonesian eCommerce Tokopedia got hacked, I changed all my passwords, enable 2FA for most, and make all of them different and use Password manager for convenience. Bitwarden is good, cheap and available everywhere.

πŸ‘€ Glance Mac App
A complementary for macOS’s Finder.app. Add the ability to see most of source code and compressed file’s content.

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