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Interesting Links I Found on June, 2020

The June’s issue is late, sorry. I’ve been busy at work.

## Website #

Well designed site that contains good articles, updated per 3 month issues. They offer a printed edition that looks good too. I haven’t buy their printed edition yet, because the shipping to my country tagged twice the price of the books.

Beginner’s Guide to Abstraction  - Jesse Duffield
A complementary read to Bret Victor’s Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction (you can read it here  ).

Highlight that I like:

Duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction.
The Wrong Abstraction  -Sandi Metz

## Apps #

Boop  Β macOS App
Great utility app to process many kind of text, it can pretty format HTML, XML and JSON, convert HEX color to rgb, and more trivial stuff. It is a great tool as I often open a web tool to do those things. I made a custom script for Hex to RGB based on the placeholder script.

I think, this is the end of my quest to search the best note taking app (on desktop, at the very least). I’ve written about it on this post .

SingleFile Browser Extension 
Rotten link is one of my fear when bookmarking a site. SingleFile is a good site saver that generates only an html file. It’s much easier and compact than “Save Page As…” browser function.

Related to my rant post , I prefer historio.us as my site archiving service. Page caching system is better (i.e. not an <iframe/>), and search is easier.

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