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Interesting Links I Found on June, 2020

The June’s issue is late, sorry. I’ve been busy at work.


Well designed site that contains good articles, updated per 3 month issues. They offer a printed edition that looks good too. I haven’t buy their printed edition yet, because the shipping to my country tagged twice the price of the books.

Beginner’s Guide to Abstraction - Jesse Duffield
A complementary read to Bret Victor’s Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction (you can read it here).

Highlight that I like:

Duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction.
The Wrong Abstraction -Sandi Metz


Boop Β macOS App
Great utility app to process many kind of text, it can pretty format HTML, XML and JSON, convert HEX color to rgb, and more trivial stuff. It is a great tool as I often open a web tool to do those things. I made a custom script for Hex to RGB based on the placeholder script.

I think, this is the end of my quest to search the best note taking app (on desktop, at the very least). I’ve written about it on this post.

SingleFile Browser Extension
Rotten link is one of my fear when bookmarking a site. SingleFile is a good site saver that generates only an html file. It’s much easier and compact than “Save Page As…” browser function.

Related to my rant post, I prefer historio.us as my site archiving service. Page caching system is better (i.e. not an <iframe/>), and search is easier.

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