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In response to «Is it time to build my own CMS?» by «Henrique Dias»

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Quick note, there is error in link destinations at the end of the post. All directing to https://github.com/xwmx/nb  .

I too want to build a CMS! The convenience of editing anywhere, desktop or mobile devices, like using WordPress…
I think that would improve my willingness to write posts, or document stuffs.

In response to «About Password» by «Ali Reza Hayati»

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Nice article!

Ever since Tokopedia’s user credentials got acquired by actor, I use password manager1, store a bit longer password than I usually use, and make them all different with a formatting that is different by many factors. I also use 2FA app2 if possible.

The next step I use is quitting Google step-by-step. First mail provider, then I try to find other alternatives


  1. Bitwarden ↩︎

  2. Authy ↩︎