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Hi! I’m Bandung, welcome to my site!
This site contains my posts, my often random micros, and the archives from my old blog.

My Latest Blog Posts:

Some Apple Scripts for Safari

- #tools#apple

macOS provides way to change default key bindings for any applications, and changed some of Safari's key bindings with it too. I discovered other way to "change" or add key bindings with Apple Script and FastScripts. It is awesome that I'd like to share it.

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My Latest Micros:

 - #notes

I published all slides that I did in slides.ybbond.id.

Two of them are redirect link to Google’s Slides. The latest slide is about WebMention, created in only 2 hours (!!) using Reveal.js.

Granted, I can work faster with code, rather than with GUI Software like Apple’s Keynotes, Google’s Slides or Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

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 - #responses

In response to «Notes about Remarkbox» by «YBBond»

I removed the integration with Remarkbox on this site.

Turns out I rarely get comment, only 2 ever since the initial integration. The service is also unreliable. Since last month, I cannot log into their dashboard.

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 - #notes

It’s awesome how influential Apple’s decisions are.

macOS Big Sur introduced new icon design guidelines?
Cross platform applications ‘redesign’ their icons for all platform.

Apple (re-)introduced ARM based architecture for desktop?
Cross platform app devs: “This is the time guys, now we must create ARM binary build for sure”.

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 - #notes

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

  • Frank Zappa

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 - #notes

I like listening to podcasts. I like to listen them on a dedicated podcast player. Dedicated podcast player means support for chapter markers, custom thumbnail, clickable timestamp on shownotes, etc.

Some of my favorite shows moved to be Spotify exclusives. I don’t like Spotify as podcast player. I do like Spotify as music player.

spotifeed.timdorr.com turns Spotify exclusive podcasts to a regular RSS feed for your favorite PODCAST player.

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