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This site contains my posts, my often random notes, and the archives from my old blog.
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Blog Posts:

Kalender dan Yearly Planner 2021

(This post is in Indonesian) Sudah lama saya tidak mendesain. Sembari belajar lagi, saya coba bikin kalender sekaligus yearly planner tahun 2021. PDF bisa diunduh di artikel ini.

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Some Apple Scripts for Safari

macOS provides way to change default key bindings for any applications, and changed some of Safari's key bindings with it too. I discovered other way to "change" or add key bindings with Apple Script and FastScripts. It is awesome that I'd like to share it.

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Refactoring My Site

I am currently refactoring my site. The main goal is to reduce page size, remove tracker, reduce JavaScript usage, and leverage as much Indieweb features as I can.

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Interesting Links I Found on July 2020

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Interesting Links I Found on June, 2020

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It’s awesome how influential Apple’s decisions are.

macOS Big Sur introduced new icon design guidelines?
Cross platform applications ‘redesign’ their icons for all platform.

Apple (re-)introduced ARM based architecture for desktop?
Cross platform app devs: “This is the time guys, now we must create ARM binary build for sure”.

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“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

  • Frank Zappa

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I like listening to podcasts. I like to listen them on a dedicated podcast player. Dedicated podcast player means support for chapter markers, custom thumbnail, clickable timestamp on shownotes, etc.

Some of my favorite shows moved to be Spotify exclusives. I don’t like Spotify as podcast player. I do like Spotify as music player.

spotifeed.timdorr.com turns Spotify exclusive podcasts to a regular RSS feed for your favorite PODCAST player.

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I finally added comment system to this blog, using Remarkbox that I know from Hacker News.

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I just knew that you can increment/decrement macOS' sound, brightness, keyboard backlight in a smaller value per-press by holding ⌥ and ⇧ while adjusting. Note that adjustment by most external keyboard won’t work. Source from idownloadblog’s posts.

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