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Hi! I’m Bandung, welcome to my site!
This site contains my posts, my often random micros, and the archives from my old blog.

My Latest Blog Posts:

Some Apple Scripts for Safari

- #tools #apple

macOS provides way to change default key bindings for any applications, and changed some of Safari's key bindings with it too. I discovered other way to "change" or add key bindings with Apple Script and FastScripts. It is awesome that I'd like to share it.

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My Latest Micros:

 - #notes

November the 8th is Aaron Swartz day. His work for RSS and Markdown is a breakthrough. His spirit for freedom of knowledge is admirable. Let’s honor his memories.

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 - #notes

I’ve tried Fastmail, Google Workspace, Hey, Namecheap and my country’s local company service for custom domain mail. Now I am using iCloud Custom Domain.

The service is included with my monthly iCloud Drive subscription, so basically free addition to service I already paid.

So far so good, the web interface is bad UX-wise tho. I cannot know exactly, but I hope Apple is true to their words on not spooping on my private emails.

If you are concerned with your privacy when contacting me, you can email me with text encrypted via PGP. See my PGP public key in my contact page.

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 - #responses

In response to «Fixing invalid argument iwhite on vimdiff» by «Micah J. Smith»

This article saved my time! I am trying to make myself use vimdiff for small changes between files that are not in git repository.

Solutions from StackOverflow never mentioned this weird error message.

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 - #notes

I just knew this terminal utility from Reddit:

fm.awk, a file manager written in awk!

awk and sed are the tool I never use—except some sedlike commands in vim. Knowing the tool can be extended to be a TUI File Manager is mindblowing 🤯

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 - #notes

I published all slides that I did in slides.ybbond.id.

Two of them are redirect link to Google’s Slides. The latest slide is about WebMention, created in only 2 hours (!!) using Reveal.js.

Granted, I can work faster with code, rather than with GUI Software like Apple’s Keynotes, Google’s Slides or Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

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