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Some Apple Scripts for Safari

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macOS provides way to change default key bindings for any applications, and changed some of Safari's key bindings with it too. I discovered other way to "change" or add key bindings with Apple Script and FastScripts. It is awesome that I'd like to share it.

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Interesting Links I Found on July 2020

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## Articles #

Who Loses Big in the Great Streaming Wars? The User  by Alan Sepinwall via Rolling Stone.
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I Tried to Live Without the Tech Giants. It Was Impossible.  by Kashmir Hill via NYTimes.
How a journalist try to ditch any services backed by Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple for experiment. Nice short read.
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Tambora Mountain  via Wikipedia.
Not that I am proud of it, but my country had done many worldwide disaster. Natural or cultural disaster. This one mountain erupted on 1815, and the aftermath is called “Year Without a Summer 

The Languages Which Almost Were CSS  by Zack Bloom via Eager Blog.

## Apps #

Cyber Duck 
I was looking for file transfer client to manage my Dropbox and CDN files. The popular one is Transmit, but it is expensive. I found this open source  alternative. Cyber Duck is free, but it shows pop-up reminder for donation, with minimum £10 to get rid of it.

## Website #

YBBond.dev Staging 
I am currently refactoring my site to use less data, less JavaScript and removing tracker. The progress is slow, as I am currently a lot busier at work too.

Interesting Links I Found on June, 2020

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The June’s issue is late, sorry. I’ve been busy at work.

## Website #

Well designed site that contains good articles, updated per 3 month issues. They offer a printed edition that looks good too. I haven’t buy their printed edition yet, because the shipping to my country tagged twice the price of the books.

Beginner’s Guide to Abstraction  - Jesse Duffield
A complementary read to Bret Victor’s Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction (you can read it here  ).

Highlight that I like:

Duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction.
The Wrong Abstraction  -Sandi Metz

## Apps #

Boop   macOS App
Great utility app to process many kind of text, it can pretty format HTML, XML and JSON, convert HEX color to rgb, and more trivial stuff. It is a great tool as I often open a web tool to do those things. I made a custom script for Hex to RGB based on the placeholder script.

I think, this is the end of my quest to search the best note taking app (on desktop, at the very least). I’ve written about it on this post .

SingleFile Browser Extension 
Rotten link is one of my fear when bookmarking a site. SingleFile is a good site saver that generates only an html file. It’s much easier and compact than “Save Page As…” browser function.

Related to my rant post , I prefer historio.us as my site archiving service. Page caching system is better (i.e. not an <iframe/>), and search is easier.

Inclusive Content Sharing

- #blog#privacy

In this quick post, I talk about how complicated this world is, more with the internet. The main premise is about thinking twice before sharing a link or image. But in the end, you cannot (or it is hard to) please everyone.

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Interesting Links I Found on May, 2020

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## Tech #

📠 Building a Memex - Andrew Louis 
Awesome project! I think the name is hilarious because it sounds like Indonesian slang word for vagina.

🌳 stagit - codemadness 
I like Luke Smith’s git site  and emailed him asking how it’s made.
He said it is stagit, and he mentioned list of other awesome suckless tools  .

## Blog #

🎭 A More Privacy Friendly Blog - Vincent Bernat 

🗣 Metaphors in man pages - Julia Evans 
Linguistic fascinates me. This post points out the often used metaphors in programming area. Nicely written too.

## App #

📝 FSNotes Mac & iOS App 
I used nvALT for Zettelkasten, FSNotes.app brings nvALT goodness and make it more stable, more pleasant UI and iOS app.

🔒 Bitwarden 
Ever since Indonesian eCommerce Tokopedia got hacked  , I changed all my passwords, enable 2FA for most, and make all of them different and use Password manager for convenience. Bitwarden is good, cheap and available everywhere.

👀 Glance Mac App 
A complementary for macOS’s Finder.app. Add the ability to see most of source code and compressed file’s content.